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Fall Carpet Cleaning on a Budget

Fall is just around the corner! It’s getting cooler out there again, the kids are in school, and you are gearing up for the festive fall season ahead. The transition from summer to fall is the perfect time to tackle deep cleaning for your home or apartment. One of the biggest parts of a thorough deep...

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DIY Carpet Freshener Spray

The last thing anyone wants is a house that doesn’t smell clean and fresh. In most cases, that stale smell is likely coming from your carpet. Instead of buying a synthetic freshener that is not only expensive but also probably full of harmful ingredients, you can make your own natural DIY carpet freshener...

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Homemade High Traffic Carpet Cleaner

High traffic carpet areas typically end up with dirt and stains at some point. Suffice to say that regular use of commercial chemical-based cleaners can leave your carpets worn and faded. Because of the daily cleaning needed on high traffic carpets in the stairways and lobbies, you can make a homemade...

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Best Way to Clean Carpets at Home

No matter what type of carpet you have in your home or apartment, you will find that there are good techniques that can help you to keep them clean. All too often, people will forget that one of the best ways to keep a clean carpet will be to vacuum it a regular basis. While the surface of the carpet...

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Stubborn Stains in Carpet

Dealing with Stubborn Stains in Carpet Every new carpet that is laid down for the first time has a unique beauty but throughout time Stubborn Stains may appear. Its beauty is not the only thing that attracts everyone’s views, but also the fact that it is a low-cost and attractive flooring option that...

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