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How Long Does the Average Carpet Last in the Home?

Many people wonder: “How Long Does the Average Carpet Last in the Home?” The average carpet lasts about 5-8 years, but you can expect a lot of variance between each individual carpet! The answer depends on 1) the quality of the carpet, 2) the way the carpet is used (such as how many people live in...

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Will My Carpet Shrink After a Cleaning?

Will my carpet shrink after cleaning? The answer is it depends! If you hire a carpet cleaning company that is qualified and reputable, then the answer is no. Your carpet will not shrink after a cleaning when it is professionally cleaned by experienced technicians with adequate tools such as the team...

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How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again

Shaggy rugs are amazing. We love them for their fluffy, soft, comforting look and feel. Unfortunately, shaggy rugs tend to get dirty and lose their fluff over time. So if your shaggy rug isn’t so clean soft and fluffy these days then you’ll want to restore that beloved rug pronto. Bring life, fluff,...

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Flawless, fresh carpet has quite a striking impact on the aesthetics of your home. Nothing pulls the whole ambiance together so delightfully as inviting, fluffy carpet, with a beautifully clean, soft look. And who doesn’t enjoy feeling clean carpeting under the twos after a long day? Or playing with...

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How to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

Of all the different components of your home, one of the most important and emotionally comforting is your fluffy carpet. However, if your carpet isn’t looking so clean soft and fluffy these days then you’ll want to remedy that ASAP. There are other reasons why it’s very important to consider cleaning...

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How to Make Old Carpet Look Better

No one likes old, dirty-looking carpet. Unfortunately, many of us have to deal with the reality that we have some pretty worn-out and sorry-looking carpeting. What to do? Do you invest in paying for professional removal and reinstallment of brand new carpeting throughout the home? Do you try some...

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How to Keep Carpet Clean with Dogs

Is your pooch pushing your carpet to its last thread? Are your pups stretching the limits of your carpet? Here are a few tips to learn how to keep carpet clean with dogs. There are many things to take into account when it comes to maintaining a beautiful carpet for pet owners. Here, we will discuss...

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Reasons Spots Come Back After Carpet Cleaning

Oh no, you had a spill, stained your carpet, and cleaned it up, but now that stain has returned! What’s the deal? Did you clean the stain improperly? Is there some mischievous magic gnome who makes those stains return to perfectly clean looking carpet? Probably no magic is at work, instead, there...

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How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

Perhaps now more than other times folks are doing their own nails at home. However, one of the worst feelings is when that nail polish gets spilled. Worse still, is if you pour the nail polish out right on the carpet. It may seem like a complete disaster, but there are actually many strategies on...

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Signs of Mold in Your Carpet

Few things are as big of a bummer as finding out that you have mold in your carpet. We know that mold grows in damp places as well as dark areas. For example, basements are common culprits for mold growth. Similarly, rooms with porous ventilation can also be a common area for mold to grow. Once mold...

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