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Fall Carpet Cleaning on a Budget

Fall Carpet Cleaning on a Budget

Fall is just around the corner! It’s getting cooler out there again, the kids are in school, and you are gearing up for the festive fall season ahead. The transition from summer to fall is the perfect time to tackle deep cleaning for your home or apartment. One of the biggest parts of a thorough deep clean session is your beloved carpet, of course! Nothing makes a bigger difference to the look and feel of your home than beautifully fresh, fluffy, clean carpet. So check out our helpful tips for getting your fall carpet cleaning done efficiently and effectively this fall.

Fall Carpet Cleaning

Use What You Got, Baby

Before ordering a carpet cleaning kit, renting cleaning machines, or investing in a professional cleaning service, check out what you have on hand at home first. More than likely you have materials and cleaners in your possession to kick off the cleaning right away. The following are some of the most important common household items you can use to get your fall cleaning pumping.

The Ol’ Dish Sponge

Did you know that it is recommended you replace your dish sponge at least once a month? It’s true; this helps to keep the sponge hygienic as you wash the dishes and utensils you regularly eat with. However, before you throw out your used sponges, consider an alternative. Rather than tossing those sponges, save them for your fall cleaning spree! Just pop those used sponges through the dishwasher and you have some nifty partners to get cleaning done. Plus, those sponges were garbage-bound anyway! Put those revamped sponges to work scrubbing toilets, baseboards, walls, even carpet stains, whatever is needed! Now that you’re in the know, start saving those used up sponges for this dual purpose.

Toothbrush Revival

In a similar fashion to sponges, toothbrushes also need to be replaced regularly. This makes a lot of sense considering you use the same tool to scrub food particles off your teeth twice a day. It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush every few months. When you do, rather than toss the old toothbrush, keep it! Toothbrushes are excellent for scrubbing tough to reach dirt and grime. Therefore, you can put those toothbrushes to work on nooks, crannies, toilets, showers, sinks, window tracks, and so on.

All That Other Stuff!

Don’t neglect all the products you have collected under your home’s respective sinks. Oftentimes, we are in the habit of going off to the store every time there is a new issue to resolve. As we keep buying new products, the old cleaning supplies get pushed further and further back underneath the kitchen sink. Before you start cleaning, pull everything under the kitchen sink out. First, check expiration dates. Few will likely be expired because most cleaning supplies last about two years, but it is always good to check. If you do have an expired product, be sure to research safe disposal. Once you get rid of all the expired stuff, separate the remaining cleaners into cleaning categories. This will help make your fall carpet cleaning process easier.

Organize Organize Organize

Put your window and glass cleaners together, and then your furniture cleaners, and then carpet cleaners, and so on. After you have finished sorting, you have an easy to follow cleaning checklist. You can start anywhere, but for example, start with the glass cleaners. Clean all the mirrors, windows and anything else you can with this group. When you are finished, place the remaining glass cleaners back under the kitchen sink and start cleaning with the next group. Perfect, an easy way to save time and money for your cleaning project!

Hire a Professional For Fall Carpet Cleaning

As you gear up for fall cleaning, these tips can help you save some serious cash along the way. To make sure your carpets, upholstery, and other home materials in the best possible condition, nothing beats a professional cleaning service you can trust. If you are a Washington or Idaho resident, we invite you to take advantage of the best professional carpet cleaning services available with Allklean. We also do quality upholstery and tile cleaning as well as carpet repair. Allklean is your best choice for pricing, quality, and convenience. We are ready to serve with locations in Washington and Idaho. With over 300 5-star Google Reviews, you know you are getting the best professional carpet care available! Check out our services and pricing at Allklean. No one has better customer care, quality cleaning service, or pricing than Allklean!

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