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10 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking New

10 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Pristine, clean carpet does wonders for the look and feel of your home. With fluffy, well-maintained carpets, the whole ambiance of your home improves. The last thing you want is neglected, dirty, and smelly carpet! Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to prevent the downward spiral into the pit of grimy damaged carpet. Check out our pro tips for avoiding dirt and damage to your home commodity. With these ten tips, you will be sure to keep carpets clean, strong, and lasting long!

Keep Your Carpet Looking New

1. Leave Your Shoes by the Door

Since you have that beautiful, fluffy carpet to enjoy, why not ditch the shoes when you enter your home? By removing shoes, you save your precious carpet from unneeded wear, tear, and grime from your filthy footwear. We all know the terrible experience of getting gum, muck, or–worse yet–pet poop on your shoes. Don’t track those staining debris onto your carpet! Avoid the grime and leave those shoes off the carpet. You’ll be amazed by the preventative efficacy of a no shoes on carpet rule. Plus, shoes have harder treads that wear carpet down, if anything, go for those comfy slippers instead, and keep your carpet springy and clean. This is just one of the ways to Keep Your Carpet Looking New.

2. Use Protection

Carpet is a lovely commodity. It’s like a blanket over your home’s floor! Unfortunately, that comfy blanket takes a beating from a variety of things including from pets and kiddos. So to Keep Your Carpet Looking New follow this next tip. Why not show some love with protective measures? Be sure to use outdoor welcome mats. You can even place another indoor doormat to double the protection. Plus, you can use decorative rugs for high traffic areas. Your carpet is one of the most visible indicators of cleanliness and quality in your home. Protect that valuable material with mats, rugs, chair mats, and even coasters under furniture legs to avoid unnecessary damage.

3. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum 

Did you know that the number one exterminator of tics is not bug spray or any other product? Oh no, it is actually the wonderful vacuum cleaner. That’s right, and the vacuum does more than kill tics. It keeps your carpet clean and free from dust, dirt, and even bacteria. For carpet that lasts a long time in pristine condition, you will want to vacuum one to two times per week–and more often in high traffic areas or popular pet hang out spots. And here’s a pro tip: you should be covering your carpet 3-7 times when you vacuum! It may seem excessive, but multiple passes (from different angles) dislodges dirt leaving your carpet as fresh as can be.

4. Replace Those Filters and Bags

It may not seem like a big deal to just vacuum with a partially filled collection bag, or to keep on rolling with the filter you had when your grandmother gave you her vacuum–but it is! Yes, collection bags should be emptied every time you vacuum. That’s because the suction and holding capacity efficiency of the vacuum drops as the collection bag fills. Plus, the filter quickly clogs with fine particle dust and debris as you use it. So be sure to clean and replace the vacuum filter or else you may just be spinning your vacuum’s wheels without really cleaning the carpet.

5. Deep Clean Every Six Months

Nothing beats a good deep cleaning session for your carpet. Think of it like a celebration of all the happiness and joy your wonderful carpet gives you each day. The best way to get a good thorough cleanse is by hiring a trusted carpet cleaning company to professionally scrub, clean, and protect your carpet. This service is an investment in the value of your home. Your carpet will look better, remain undamaged longer, and stay fresh, clean, and hygienic. A professional clean will even improve the air quality of your home.

6. Keep an Emergency Kit Available 

Life happens, and for those of us who love our beautiful carpet, when life happens, it’s messy, stain-y, and stinky. Coffee spills, pet poo and pee, children accidents, you name it, our carpets have taken it. But you can outsmart the chaos with a neat emergency kit. Just keep helpful products like club soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dishwasher detergent, and fresh rags to address spills in a pinch. But be careful to only use products or solutions that won’t damage your carpet in the process!

7. Don’t Let Sleeping Spills Lie

Let your sleeping dogs lie, but not spills (But be sure to vacuum after those dogs are up again)! Whenever there’s an accident, make sure to blot, wash, and dry before the spill soaks and sets into the carpet. Indeed, the longer a spill sits the harder it is to get out. And remember: always blot instead of scrubbing. Scrubbing can actually work a stain deeper into the carpet. Plus, as amazing as carpet protection services are, they won’t prevent stains–really, they give you extra time to clean the stain out. So don’t wait, clean that stain straight away!

8. Spot Maintenance

Part of what makes your carpet so comfortable and lovely is the soft cushioning. However, the material texture of carpet also means it is susceptible to more absorption from spills. There are several different methods for stain cleaning, each with positives and negatives. Dry powders are a good option for grease stains. Solvents work best with ink or oil stains. Other specific spills require specific solutions. For example, wine stains can be removed with club soda. For food stains, you can actually use shaving cream first, then vinegar and water solution. Keep this in mind as a great cleaning method to help Keep Your Carpet Looking New.

9. Secret Trick for Clean Carpet

For fresh smelling carpet, you can add a light sprinkling of baking powder before you vacuum. This will leave your carpet and home smelling great, and the vacuuming makes for a clean finish as well. Be sure to leave a few minutes interval in between dropping the baking soda before you vacuum it up. Not only will this keep order out of  the  carpet but it will help Keep Your Carpet Looking New.

10. Use Extra Carpet Cleaning Protection

At Allklean professional cleaning service, we offer one of the best options for carpet protection in addition to our excellent carpet cleaning. We offer Scotchgard™ application, which gives your carpet an “invisible shield” so your carpet stays clean longer. Plus, when you vacuum the carpet after a Scotchgard™ cleaning, more dirt will swoop right into your machine. That’s because dirt and grime cannot cling to or embed into the carpet with this stain-resistant protectant. This is the last but not least method to help Keep Your Carpet Looking New.

Professional Carpet Cleaning You can Trust

For that regular reset and professional carpet cleaning you need, no one does it better than Allklean. Plus, Allklean offers upholstery, flooring cleaning, and carpet repair. Allklean has locations in both Washington and Idaho, including Port Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Green Acres, and Liberty Lake. Allklean is your trusted local source for fantastic carpet cleaning and other services at low-cost rates. With over 600 five-star reviews across review platforms, you know you are getting excellent service. Give us a call, or book online today!

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