Carpet Cleaning Benefits

There is a general misconception that carpets are dirty and unsanitary, and can create indoor air pollution. This belief has led to the removal of carpets from some public agencies, health care facilities, and schools.

Instead of resorting to such drastic measures, properly cleaning your carpets will ensure you get the comfort of carpeting, without the air quality concerns.

Not only does having your carpet cleaned make your home look better and help your carpet last longer, it also provides environmental health benefits. The American Lung Association recommends vacuuming your carpet at least three times per week in homes where someone has asthma or snores. Annual carpet cleaning will also help households where someone has such a problem.

1. Eliminates Trapped Pollutants
Vacuuming removes contaminants from the carpet surface. Indoor air pollutants such as dust and dirt, as well as particulate matter such as lead, cockroach allergens, and pet dander can be trapped in carpets. Volatile organic compounds can also be trapped in carpet and become airborne as carpets are walked on, or vacuumed. Professional carpet cleaning removes all the deeper layers of contamination from your carpet.

2. Improves Air Quality
According to the EPA, indoor environmental air quality can be negatively impacted by dirty carpets. Air quality indoors can be 10 times more degraded than outside environments. Contaminated carpets continually release volatile organic compounds into the air, when walking over them, or even when vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaning can ease asthma and allergy symptoms and improve indoor air quality for everyone.

3. Sanitary Reasons
Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machine heats cleaning solution to between 220 and 240 degrees F. Not only does this effectively remove human and pet body oils from your carpeting, but also has some sanitizing benefits. This heat treatment prevents the need for toxic chemicals, and keeps your indoor environment more sanitary.

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