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Three Facts You Should Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning

Three Facts You Should Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to the longevity of your carpet, most folks don’t think too far beyond vacuuming and the occasional steam cleaning and shampooing. However, there are several key tips you should know if you want your carpet to stay clean and last for years to come without issues. So to help you keep up on your carpet maintenance and be in the know-how for all the best tips, we put together a list of the most important carpet cleaning facts. Check out our keys for efficient carpet cleaning below! Plus, if you are looking for the best professional carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair services in Washington and Idaho, just give Allklean a call or book online today.

Professional Carpet Cleaning


1. Get Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many people think that carpet should only get a thorough and professional clean when it looks really dirty or appears damaged. The problem is that once you can see stains, dirt, and dust accumulated damage is already being inflicted on your carpet! That’s because tiny pieces of dirt and debris get pressed into the carpet and with regular wear and tear from feet pushing into the carpet, the underlying fibers of the carpet break down. However, if you make sure to get regular professional carpet cleaning–we recommend at least once a year–this will prevent the systematic decay and damage to the carpet. Of course, you will want to vacuum at least twice a week.

Prevention and Protection of a Pro Carpet Clean

By getting Professional Carpet Cleaning, you will help prevent mold, damage, and decay, so your carpet lasts longer and stays hygienic and beautiful. The alternative to regular professional cleaning is to let your carpet decay at a much faster rate–which, unfortunately, many homeowners choose to do. When you fail to get a regular and proper cleaning, your carpet’s lifespan diminishes and several noticeable problems will ensue. You will notice, for example, damage such as fraying borders, wrinkles, and bumps in the carpet, and tears. Furthermore, your home may start to stink as grime and bacteria accumulate in the carpet.

2. The DIY Options May Be Ineffective and Damaging

Many folks opt for renting a carpet cleaning machine to do the carpet maintenance themselves. You can roll over to the nearest home improvement store to get a machine for the day. The problem is that these machines leave too much water out into the carpet without removing it. You are left with the illusion of a clean carpet when in reality your carpet is worse off. Nothing causes worse damage than improperly used water. When excess water is left on the carpet mold and mildew all likely to follow. This is the last thing you want in your carpet. Not only does mold ruin the carpet and even flooring underneath, but it’s also dangerous to your health!

Be Wary of Carpet Cleaner Machine Rentals

Rented carpet cleaning machines not only can lead to water damage, but they all also remove the color from most carpets. In fact, these rentable carpet steamers come with recommended chemical products that remove 33% of carpet color on average. The last thing you want is to attempt to clean your carpets and instead cause more damage! Unfortunately, carpet cleaning chemical products are not uniformly effective or safe for the majority of carpets. Don’t cut corners that will lead to more complicated problems when it comes to your carpet. Instead, call use a professional cleaning service for maintenance. An investment of regular professional carpet cleaning maintenance will reap benefits with a carpet that lasts much longer and a home or commercial space that stays hygienic and clean.

3. Sprinkle-On Carpet Deodorizers are Poor Substitutes 

Another DIY carpet product that you should be wary of is sprinkle-on deodorizers. These products purport to kill odors on your carpet. The problem is that the talcum powder contained in the product stays embedded in the carpet! Vacuuming only removes some of the powder. Then, when a steam cleaning is performed, the powder gets wet and is further cemented into the carpet causing a noticeable white stain. In addition, sprinkle-on deodorizers are a short-term solution that simply covers up the problem rather than addressing the underlying issue. You don’t want to cover up stains, smells, and damage; you want to clean the carpet properly. To keep your carpet beautiful, fresh, and strong, the best way is a professional cleaning on a regular basis.

The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning in Idaho and Washington

Allklean is the go-to source for powerful, long-lasting carpet cleaning. We clean and repair residential and commercial spaces with locations across Idaho and Washington. We service Post Falls, Coeur D’Alene, and Hayden Idaho and surrounding areas. Plus, we are ready to help in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Green Acres, Liberty Lake Washington, and nearby townships. At Allklean, we get the job done right the first time. With our natural cleaning solution and premier process, dirt, dust, and dander are dislodged from deep within your carpet to the surface. It is then extracted and whisked away with ease. We have been well-established as the trusted source for carpet and upholstery cleaning since 2001.

Quality, Affordable Carpet Care

Allklean has a sterling reputation for the best Professional Carpet Cleaning in the community. In fact, we have over 300 5-star Google reviews online from ecstatic customers. Everything you want for optimally maintained, clean carpets and upholstery is available through Allklean. We also provide more great service options like Scotchgard™ application. This is great for a cleaner and softer finish long after your carpet is cleaned. Scotchgard™ gives your carpet an “invisible shield.” This will make it easy for you to eliminate soil built up over time through your vacuuming. Take care of your carpets with the best professional cleaning service with Allklean. Join the thousands of satisfied Allklean customers and keep your upholstery and carpets like new. Give us a call or book an appointment today!


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