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Four Things to Expect When You Don’t Clean Your Carpet

Four Things to Expect When You Don’t Clean Your Carpet

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the benefits of professional carpet cleaning to maintain their home carpets. Most people assume that regular vacuuming and spot cleaning for spills will do the trick. However, without a thorough carpet cleaning from a trusted carpet cleaning service, your carpet will not stay fresh, clean, or hygienic.

Often, people simply neglect to get a quality deep clean for their carpet. Unfortunately, there are some pretty serious consequences of ignoring proper carpet maintenance. The following are the top four consequences of failing to get your carpet properly cleaned.

1. Damage to Your Carpet

When you fail to get a deep clean for your carpet at the recommended rate of at least once a year, your carpet’s lifespan will suffer. Over time, carpet takes a beating from foot traffic and accumulation of dust and debris. Weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming helps keep your carpet clean, but there are many small particles that stay embedded in the carpet fibers.

Without a good “reset” with a deep cleaning, the carpet fibers will decay and damage at a rapid rate. However, with professional deep-cleaning, your carpet will last far longer. It will look better and maintain strength and durability so you won’t need a whole re-install for years and years.

2. Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your carpets don’t get a quality deep clean then the air quality of your home will get worse. Dust, grime, and mites become stuck in the carpet over time. This can cause allergens, dust mites, and bacteria levels to increase in your home. Bad news for those of us who suffer from allergies and asthma as it is.

Of course, vacuuming helps–especially if you are sure to replace the vacuum bag often. However, without a professional deep cleaning, the quality of the air will get worse over time. At Allklean we recommend clean your carpet every 6-12 months depending on usage or if you own pets.

3. Your Home Will Stink

Many times, folks don’t realize that bad smells in the home are a result of neglected carpets. If you smell bad odors in your home, think about the last time you got a quality carpet clean. Chances are you may have let a lot of time fly by without a deep carpet clean.

Especially for pet owners, it is really important to regularly clean carpets to remove foul odors and unhealthy bacterial growth. Plus, uncleaned carpets are liable to foster mold growth. Mold growing in your carpets is very bad news.

Mold can make you and your family members seriously sick. It can damage flooring and walls. Plus, mold will stink. Don’t let your carpet fall into a stinky state–make sure to get a quality deep clean once or twice each year.

4. Visibly Dirty and Grimy Carpet

Over time, carpet collects dust, grime, and debris. This will cause a gradual degradation to the coloration and quality of your carpet. Because of the progressive nature of the carpet getting dirty, you may not notice just how dirty your carpets have become. Requiring you clean your carpet regularly.

At Allklean, we often blow away our customers with the dramatic improvement that our carpet cleaning services lead to. It’s as if you forget what your carpet should is really like without the dust and dirt!

Another trick is that you will notice the more trafficked parts of the carpet darken without a deep clean. Keep your carpet looking beautiful and lasting longer with a professional cleaning from Allklean.

Clean Your Carpet with Allklean

Avoid having clean your carpet regularly

There are a variety of DIY methods for carpet cleaning, but these can pose some risks for your carpet. Over-the-counter stain removers often cause damage to the carpet itself leaving a blight on the carpet.

Rented carpet cleaning machines from home improvement stores can cause issues since they often leave too much water without pulling it out.

Unfortunately, such machines can actually cause further damage and even lead to mold growth. Nothing beats the service of a trusted carpet cleaning company. Allklean is your best choice for pricing, quality, and convenience.

We are ready to serve with locations in Washington and Idaho. With over 300 5-star Google Reviews, you can rest assured knowing you are being taken care of by the best. Give us a call or book an appointment online today!

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