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The Four Pro Care Tips You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Carpet

The Four Pro Care Tips You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Carpet

Carpet is an essential part of your home’s overall quality and vibe. Beautiful, well-maintained carpet brightens your home and offers clean comfy flooring for you, your family, and your pets. Indeed, fabulous carpet is inviting and comforting. It’s where you relax and enjoy your home. That being said, it does take some work to make sure that carpet stays clean and lasts a long time without damage. So to help you protect your home investment and keep all the members of your household enjoying fresh, bright carpet, we have the top four pro tips for carpet care.

Protect Your Carpet

1. Regular Vacuuming To Protect Your Carpet

The most important part to Protect Your Carpet is intelligent vacuuming. Quality vacuums are fitted with micro filter systems, which remove fine particles from the carpet and keeps them securely in the collection bag. You should vacuum all the carpet at least weekly if not twice a week. High traffic areas should be vacuumed more frequently as needed. If you own pets, you may need to increase the rate of vacuuming to keep up with the extra hair and particle collection. Whenever you vacuum, be sure to dump out the collection bag. Even half full bags will have reduced vacuuming efficiency until they are dumped.

Best Methods for Effective Vacuuming

You may think any old way will work just fine when it comes to vacuuming–you’d be wrong. To get the best results you want to give multiple passes to your carpet. In fact, you should go over all areas at least three times, and five to seven times in heavy dirt and grime areas. As you make the multiple passes, angle the vacuum differently to dislodge dirt and grit to reduce matting. You always want to finish the vacuum job with a final pass in the same direction to give your freshened carpet that uniform, clean look. Lastly, you definitely will want to empty dust collection bags frequently and replace filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Professional Steam Cleaning

Your carpets should be professionally steam cleaned at least once a year. For higher traffic homes and homes with pets, every 6 months will help Protect Your Carpet. Over time, your carpet takes a beating from foot traffic, accumulation of dust and debris, and pesky stains from accidents. Regular vacuuming helps keep your carpet clean, but there are many small particles that stay embedded in the carpet fibers. This dirt and grime cause carpet to decay and damage rapidly. However, with professional deep carpet cleaning, your home’s carpet will last much longer. It will look better and maintain strength and durability. Regular professional steam cleaning will protect your investment and keep your original carpet going strong for years to come.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Yes, the best way to care for your carpet after regular vacuuming is a professional steam clean. Quality steam cleans will sterilize your carpets. The pros use proper equipment and technique to blast away debris that is embedded into carpet fibers. In fact, proper steam cleaning will kill mold. The blasting of steam jets infused with a specifically used cleaning solution to match your carpet penetrates the carpet pores to deep clean and kill mold and bacteria. Plus, According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet can retain several sources of indoor air pollutants, including pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust. Toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and also get trapped within the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning will eliminate these dangerous pollutants.

Be Wary of DIY Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning should only be undertaken by a professional carpet cleaner with the reputation and credentialing for quality. That’s because renting a steam cleaner from your local home improvement store can actually lead to damage to your carpet and be ineffective at cleaning. Rented steam cleaners tend to over-release water during the cleaning process. These machines fail to suck back up all the excess water leaving dirty, gray water right there in the carpet that was meant to be cleaned. This leads to water damage and carpet that is slinkier and dirtier than before. For this reason, we don’t recommend shampooing, steam cleaning, or dry cleaning methods done on your own. Show some love to your carpet with a professional steam cleaning at least once each year.

3. Spot Cleaning

After vacuuming and professional steam cleaning, prompt spot cleaning of spills and stains is essential. That’s because spills and stains will penetrate into the carpet fiber fairly quickly after a spill. However, if you immediately address the spill by blotting with a dry towel and using a non-bleach detergent or a solution of water and vinegar, you can usually clean the spill no problem. It is important that you clean the spill right away because spills that are left to dry are much more stubborn and may cause a permanent stain. A professional steam cleaner team will usually be able to address such stains when they do a carpet clean as well.

4. Protection Tips

There are several ways you can prevent damage to your carpet in addition to proper vacuuming, pro steam cleaning, and prompt spot cleaning. First, you can use exterior doormats, so folks will clean their shoes upon entry. This help to keep the grimier parts of footwear off your carpets. Next, you can use furniture coasters and chair pads to avoid direct damage to the carpet. Pressure marks can cause unnecessary wear and tear. It is also a great protective measure to place rugs in high traffic areas such as living rooms. Lastly, using curtains and blinds to protect against constant U.V. rays will help your carpet last longer without damage. Plus, any preventative measures like avoiding eating over carpeted areas is a prudent way to avoid spills and stains!

Pro Carpet Cleaning from Allklean

With these four pro tips, you are well on your way to maintaining beautiful carpet so your home keeps that light, comfortable feel day in and day out. If you are a Washington or Idaho resident, we invite you to take advantage of the best professional carpet cleaning services available with Allklean. We also do quality upholstery and tile cleaning as well as carpet repair. Allklean is your best choice for pricing, quality, and convenience. We are ready to serve with locations in Washington and Idaho. With over 300 5-star Google Reviews, you know you are getting the best professional carpet care available! Check out our services and pricing at No one has better customer care, quality cleaning service, or pricing than Allklean!

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