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How to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

Of all the different components of your home, one of the most important and emotionally comforting is your fluffy carpet. However, if your carpet isn’t looking so clean soft and fluffy these days then you’ll want to remedy that ASAP. There are other reasons why it’s very important to consider cleaning...

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Signs of Mold in Your Carpet

Few things are as big of a bummer as finding out that you have mold in your carpet. We know that mold grows in damp places as well as dark areas. For example, basements are common culprits for mold growth. Similarly, rooms with porous ventilation can also be a common area for mold to grow. Once mold...

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Five Reasons to get your Carpet Stretched and Repaired

Many folks are not aware of the amazing benefits of carpet stretching. However, it is very important that people learn the many benefits of carpet stretching and carpet repair. So here we will be discussing why you should get your carpet repaired, stretched, or re-stretched. 1. Smart Investment By...

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Secrets to Repurposing Your Carpet

All carpet no matter the type and quality has an eventual life expectancy. That’s because wear and tear, stains, and use over time take a toll on that flooring we all love. When your carpet is on its last leg, you are faced with a tough decision: pay for a professional cleaning and repair or invest...

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Should I Replace My Carpet?

If you’re like many homeowners, after a number of years you may be asking yourself, “Should I replace my carpet?”. If, for example, you move furniture around and notice a disturbing contrast between the trafficked areas and under the couch, you may wonder if the new carpet is the...

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How to Fix Carpet Wrinkles?

When it comes to wall-to-wall carpet installation, carpet wrinkles are usually the result of poor carpet installation. Not only are they annoying to look at, but they can also be a hazard. Wrinkles are also the first to wear out in a carpet, and they never really disappear unless you decide to do...

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