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Secrets to Repurposing Your Carpet

Secrets to Repurposing Your Carpet

All carpet no matter the type and quality has an eventual life expectancy. That’s because wear and tear, stains, and use over time take a toll on that flooring we all love.

When your carpet is on its last leg, you are faced with a tough decision: pay for a professional cleaning and repair or invest in all-new carpeting or another kind of flooring. If you go the replacement route, then you suddenly have copious amounts of old carpet on your hands.

Sure, you could quickly trash it all, but you may be surprised to learn that your old carpet can actually fulfill quite a few nifty roles. So without further ado, here are some of the best ways to repurpose your retired carpet!

Carpet As Comfy Work Mat

Protect your knees and save a few bucks with a decent-sized piece of carpet to lay down as a work mat. Nothing is worse than working on your knees or on gravel when you need to lay down to get under your car, for example.

Whether doing some work on your vehicle or a special cleaning project, you can slide your nifty carpet piece underneath first. Some projects may warrant the use of knee pads, but with a piece of carpet you can save some cash and trouble instead!

It may seem silly, but a movable carpet mat is often just what you need to help with home improvement projects.

Carpet Scrap to Clean Screens

Another practical use for a piece of your old carpet is as a cheap scrubber tool. Amazingly, these carpet scrubbers are perfect for cleaning screen materials like those outside sliding glass doors and windows.

That’s because the carpet material is gentle so as to avoid damaging the screen while being durable enough to scrub away build-up and debris. Some kinds of carpet also work for cleaning projects on your vehicle.

There are a variety of ways a handy carpet piece can help you clean. Be creative, you might be surprised by the usefulness of a carpet piece in a pinch!

Repurposing Your Carpet for Play Areas

Here are even more carpet repurposing ideas. Keep a few carpet pieces the truck of your vehicle in case you ever get stuck in the mud, ice or snow. Just slide the carpet under the tires to get out of a sticky situation!

Plus, if you ever need to check out the underside of your vehicle while out and about, the carpet can help you stay clean and comfortable. Keep the best parts of your carpet for little ones to play on.

Whether you place a carpet piece out on the porch or in another backyard area or just place it on tough indoor flooring like tile or hardwood, this cushy substitute will keep your little ones comfy and safe while they play.

Get the Best Carpet Installation Service

The creative possibilities for repurposing your carpet are numerous, but the most important factor during the whole process is making sure to get a carpet installation company you can trust.

For residents of Washington and Idaho, Allklean is your go-to source for professional carpet installation at the best price. Browse through our services and prices under the services tab.

Repurposing Your Carpet

Allklean always offers free estimates before we start any job so you know exactly what to expect before you make any commitments. When you’re ready to replace your old carpet give Allklean a call–you also may consider a professional cleaning and repair to save money!

Allklean will guide you as you navigate this journey to beautiful carpet! Plus, now you have some great ideas for what to do with your old carpet.

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