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Should I Replace My Carpet?

Should I Replace My Carpet?

If you’re like many homeowners, after a number of years you may be asking yourself, “Should I replace my carpet?”. If, for example, you move furniture around and notice a disturbing contrast between the trafficked areas and under the couch, you may wonder if the new carpet is the best route.

Yes, that old, worn down, dirty, and damaged carpet is not only a drag for the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it will also decrease your home’s value. However, a new carpet purchase and installation are quite costly. So, you may be rethinking the replacement option.

Perhaps you could just do a deep clean–this will be important–but what about wrinkles in your carpet, tears, or fraying edges? Well, there’s only one good alternative to a total replacement. That is to hire a professional carpet cleaning and repair company. Here we will discuss the cost-benefit analysis of cleaning and repair or total replacement.

Let’s Talk Money To Replace My Carpet

The best reason to go with a professional deep clean and repair job is to save some serious cash. Total carpet replacements run upwards of $1500 to several thousand dollars depending on factors like square footage, the carpet type, and installation cost variation.

However, top of the line professional cleaning and repair services rate in at a fraction of that cost. At Allklean, for example, pricing is super often less than $200 for multi-room professional cleaning and repair. Plus, since every job is unique and requires individual attention and quote, Allklean always offers free estimates of the work upfront.

You may be completely surprised by the affordability and quality of service. Bring life back into your carpet and extend the usefulness of your carpet with affordable service instead of costly replacement!

Carpet Stains

For each of these following issues, we will guide you in considering when it’s better to invest in a full replacement or repair. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that most types of carpet stains can be completely restored by a professional cleaner.

Yes, professional carpet cleaners have all the tricks to get rid of those tough stains. At Allklean, the skilled technicians clean deep to the foundation of the carpet to remove the stain fully. With specialized tools and expertise, they combine the right kind of cleaning solution with a heavy-duty extraction tool to erase the stain from the carpet and pad.

While most stains can be cleaned, there are some that are much more stubborn. In some cases, things like bleach, wine and mustard are cannot be fully cleaned. Additionally, many carpet cleaners say stains are made worse by using poor DIY stain-removal methods. Professional cleaning can make dramatic improvements, so it may be a better option than a total replacement.

Should I Replace My Carpet?

Carpet Wear and Tear

When asking,  should I replace my carpet, you’ll find the answer to come down to just how bad off your carpet is. Depending on the material of the carpet, there is a better chance for repair. For example, polyester carpet fibers are much more difficult repair once it becomes seriously matted and tufts fall out.

However, nylon carpeting is often better at recovering from damage than polyester. Accordingly, it responds better to carpet cleaning, even with matting. While some small tears and rips can be patched yourself, a professional carpet company will be able to fully repair torn and frayed carpet in most instances. That being said, large rips and tears tend to signal the carpet needs to be replaced.

Nonetheless, the best news is that pro cleaning companies such as Allklean offer free estimates and appraisals. That way, if you’re on the fence about a cleaning and repair or a total replacement, carpet technicians can give you advice and pricing to help you decide.

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