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How to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

How to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

Of all the different components of your home, one of the most important and emotionally comforting is your fluffy carpet. However, if your carpet isn’t looking so clean soft and fluffy these days then you’ll want to remedy that ASAP. There are other reasons why it’s very important to consider cleaning and repairing your carpet as well as just wanting it to look great for yourself and your family.

For example, if you are looking to move out of your home or apartment then you will definitely want to make the carpet look pristine before selling or stopping renting your space. whatever the reason here we will give you some great tips for making your dirty or damaged carpet fluffy again.

How to make your carpet fluffy again.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair

First, we will start with all of the steps that you can take to thoroughly clean and repair your fluffy carpet yourself cheaply. To start, you want to get rid of everything on the carpet that you intend to clean and repair. One strategy is to start the process one room at a time. That way, you can remove furniture and other objects from one room to the next while you do the clean and repair work.

Clearing the Space

Conversely, another strategy is to completely remove all of the things on the carpet all at once. you can temporarily store the furniture and other accessories in another part of the house or even in a storage unit. Whatever the case, do you want to be sure to clear everything off the carpet when you begin the process.

Inspection and Snipping

Next, it’s time to thoroughly inspect your carpet and ensure that it is even lengthwise. A good strategy is to simply get on your hands and knees and look at your carpet closely with a pair of scissors. Whenever there are threads that stick up beyond the rest of the carpet just sniff them back to be even with your fluffy carpet. you will want to lay your scissors perpendicular to the fluffy carpet line when cutting pieces that extend beyond.

Spot Cleaning Options

Now comes a bit of a controversial part. In terms of spot cleaning, there are a few different strategies that you can go with. You can use a solution of white vinegar and hot water. it is a solid option because you won’t damage your carpet trying to clean it this way. However, you may also consider using carpet cleaning products. But be warned! If used incorrectly, these products can leave your carpet even dirtier than when you started, and, most seriously, they can leave your carpet damaged.

Risks of Carpet Cleaner Products

This happens most often when the carpet cleaner was not specifically designed for the carpet you are cleaning. For example, some solutions are designed for lighter colored carpets and some solutions are designed for carpet fibers made of different materials or different combinations of materials. If the cleaner you use was not specifically designed for the carpet you have, you were at serious risk of damaging your carpet and leaving it worse than when you started. All the same, if you choose to go this route be sure to carefully read the carpet manufacturer’s information and to find the right product for your carpet.

So when it comes to spots staining spray the stains with the solution you have chosen and blot it up with a clean white towel after the specified time or after about an hour for water and vinegar solutions.

Ice Cube Trick

Another great trick for helping your fluffy carpet bounce back is to place an ice cube on to those areas that have been pressed down by furniture underneath. Simply place the ice cube onto those dented areas and let it melt completely over time. Next, blot the wet area gently with a clean towel or paper towel until all of the liquid has been absorbed. The keyword here is gently! You want to avoid pushing the towel into the carpet because this will simply make the indentation worse. Instead, just gently block the area to remove the moisture. Then, you can run a spoon against the carpet in the intended direction to make that carpet fluff right back up like new.

Ironing for Fluff

An alternative to the ice cube approach is as follows. First, you will want to take a clean towel wet it ring out the excess less liquid and then lay that towel over the dented carpet area. Then, heat up a clothes iron on the setting of cotton and gently iron the towel for approximately 60 seconds. You want to focus on the area above the dent. Leave the towel in place until it dries then remove the towel and fluff up the area one more time, but this time with your hand.

Thorough Vacuuming

Of course, a major step in all of this is going to be a thorough and effective vacuuming. When vacuuming it’s important to make sure that your vacuum is operating at optimal capacity. That means you’re emptying the bag and replacing filters frequently. Plus, you may need to upgrade a vacuum if it’s not getting the job done. Once you have a fully functioning and powerful vacuum you want to thoroughly vacuum the area going over each space as much as seven or eight times. Don’t forget to use extenders to get the corners and hard to reach places.

DIY Shampooing Considerations

Now it comes time to shampooing. Once again, this can be somewhat controversial since poorly used and inadequately powered shampoo machines can leave your carpet dirty and even damaged. However, if you still would like to use the steam cleaning option there are a few tips to try to minimize risk. The most important thing is to do your best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely and try to make sure to remove as much moisture as possible. To do this you can open up many different windows and doors throughout your house on a nice warm day, for example. You can set up and turn on fans in recently steamed areas.

Baby, Dry Dry Dry

You want to do all that you can to dry the carpet out while steaming because this is an inherent flaw in non-truck mounted steam cleaning systems. They are simply not adequately powerful so you are likely to run into issues of leaving cleaning solution behind and dirty water. Nonetheless, do the best you can and the process should leave you with cleaner carpet than before. Though again, professional deep-clean is the safest and most effective option.

Cut Odors Down Yourself

You can cut down or eliminate odors from your carpet by sprinkling light amounts of baking soda over dry carpet overnight. Then, the next day you can vacuum up all of the baking soda. This method works because the baking soda can absorb the bacteria responsible for the odors.

The Professional Route

For an affordable, simple solution for achieving a beautifully clean and fluffy carpet, no one does it better than Allklean. We are an expert cleaning company with a sterling reputation you can count on to deliver excellent results. With locations in both Washington and Idaho, including Port Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Green Acres, and Liberty Lake, Allklean is ready to serve.

Allklean for Gleaming Fluffy Carpet

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