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Month: April 2020

How to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

Of all the different components of your home, one of the most important and emotionally comforting is your fluffy carpet. However, if your carpet isn’t looking so clean soft and fluffy these days then you’ll want to remedy that ASAP. There are other reasons why it’s very important to consider cleaning...

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How to Make Old Carpet Look Better

No one likes old, dirty-looking carpet. Unfortunately, many of us have to deal with the reality that we have some pretty worn-out and sorry-looking carpeting. What to do? Do you invest in paying for professional removal and reinstallment of brand new carpeting throughout the home? Do you try some...

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How to Keep Carpet Clean with Dogs

Is your pooch pushing your carpet to its last thread? Are your pups stretching the limits of your carpet? Here are a few tips to learn how to keep carpet clean with dogs. There are many things to take into account when it comes to maintaining a beautiful carpet for pet owners. Here, we will discuss...

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Reasons Spots Come Back After Carpet Cleaning

Oh no, you had a spill, stained your carpet, and cleaned it up, but now that stain has returned! What’s the deal? Did you clean the stain improperly? Is there some mischievous magic gnome who makes those stains return to perfectly clean looking carpet? Probably no magic is at work, instead, there...

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