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How to Keep Carpet Clean with Dogs

How to Keep Carpet Clean with Dogs

How to Keep Carpet Clean with DogsIs your pooch pushing your carpet to its last thread? Are your pups stretching the limits of your carpet? Here are a few tips to learn how to keep carpet clean with dogs. There are many things to take into account when it comes to maintaining a beautiful carpet for pet owners. Here, we will discuss what to keep in mind and practical tips for enjoying fresh, clean carpets with dogs in the house.

Focus on the High-Traffic Areas

First, consider the most high-traffic areas your pet occupies. As you know, these will be the most important areas to address when it comes to maintaining your carpet with a pet. Consider investing in rugs or runners to protect the areas your pet utilizes most. Next, address their outdoor space. Are there areas of mud and dirt that could be easily tracked into the house? Are your pets finding areas with water that leave them muddy and messy? Try to take care of problem areas beforehand if possible. Some of these proactive measures can help you to minimize the damage that pets can wreak on carpet. So be sure to clean up outdoor areas that have been soiled to keep the soil off of the inside.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Now we come to cleaning and maintaining the carpet itself. Beginning with a deep-clean to remove months or years of embedded dirt, dander, and hair from your pet is a good place to start. While some homeowners and renters try to save money by turning to rented steam-cleaning machines or using other problematic DIY measures, the tried-and-true method is always to hire a professional steam cleaning service with the powerful machinery needed to clean carpets correctly.

Invest in an Annual Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you haven’t had a professional clean in the past year and you’re reading this article now about How to Keep Carpet Clean with Dogs, then you probably need to hire a professional cleaning service to reset the health of your carpets. Experts recommend that you have your carpets professionally deep-cleaned at least once a year. And for us pet owners, it is sometimes necessary to move to a biannual basis.

Vacuuming Done Right

That being said, there are other important components of carpet maintenance that are necessary to address in between the professional deep-cleanings. The #1 most important part of keeping carpet healthy, strong, and clean is proper vacuuming. While many think they do just dandy with their vacuuming technique, unfortunately, there is often much to be improved upon.

Vacuum Each Carpet Section 3-7 Times

When vacuuming, it is important that you go over the carpeting area many times not just ones so that you can see the nice vacuum lines in the carpet. In order to really get the carpet clean, you need to pass over each section of the carpet at least three times and up to seven. Plus, it is very important that you don’t neglect to maintain the functionality of the vacuum itself.

Empty the Vacuum Bags and Change the Filter

Regardless of your vacuum’s promise to never lose suction, even a moderate amount of hair can do damage to your home machine and leave your carpets triumphantly hairy. Oftentimes, vacuum users forget to frequently change out the vacuum filter and purchase a new one. In addition, they often forget to simply empty the bag frequently enough. This is key, because if you fail to empty the bag when needed, then your vacuum is not doing an adequate job of cleaning the area. It’s simply sucking air.

When it comes to cleaning pet hair in particular, your vacuum is working extra hard to clean that particular substance. So, it is often necessary to change out the bag more frequently and completely replace the filter components more frequently as well with dealing with pet her.

Use an Effective Vacuum

Another consideration you may need to upgrade your vacuum altogether. Keep a critical eye on the effectiveness of the vacuum that you have to use. For better or worse, vacuums simply don’t last forever. Even newer ones can become overloaded and malfunction especially when dealing with more difficult environments like those of dog and cat owners, for example.

Understanding How to Keep Carpet Clean with Dogs

In summary, make sure you have a powerful, effective vacuum cleaner operating at the optimal level, and make sure you go over your carpet many times–especially in the high traffic areas–to completely remove all grime and pet dander. Ensure the health of your home and pets for years to come with regular professional cleanings from Allklean. With locations in both Washington and Idaho, including Port Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Green Acres, and Liberty Lake, Allklean is available to serve you with distinction. Continue exploring our website to learn more and book your professional, pet-friendly cleaning today.

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