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Reasons Spots Come Back After Carpet Cleaning

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Reasons Spots Come Back After Carpet Cleaning

Reasons Spots come back after carpet cleaning

Oh no, you had a spill, stained your carpet, and cleaned it up, but now that stain has returned! What’s the deal? Did you clean the stain improperly? Is there some mischievous magic gnome who makes those stains return to perfectly clean looking carpet? Probably no magic is at work, instead, there is likely one of two probable reasons spots come back after carpet cleaning.

Why Does the Spill Return?

Either the carpet cleaner used has soaked up additional grime since residue was left on the spot, or you have only cleaned the surface of the carpet and the remaining spill has crept up the carpet fibers over time! Here we will discuss how to avoid returning carpet stains and offer tips for keeping your carpet fresh no matter what gets thrown at it.


The first kind of stain we mentioned is actually referred to as soiling. This is when some of the cleaner used to treat the stain is inadvertently left behind. As such, although the stain was likely cleaned, the leftover cleaning solution remained on the spot. Therefore, after time had passed, the cleaner quickly collects dirt and grime so the spot became dirty once again.


The second type of stains reappearing is referred to as wicking. This is when the stain has soaked into the lower fibers and carpet backing–or even possibly the flooring beneath. Often, when cleaning the carpet, only the top part is cleaned. So while the stain appears clean in the moment, the stain slowly rises up the carpet fibers. This action is similar to what happens with a candle wick which is where it gets the name!

It’s important to note that wicking often occurs due to wet carpet. As you might imagine, wetness leads to stains drawing down lower into carpets. Oftentimes, folks who use hot water steamers end up with this very problem. That’s because steam cleaning machines do not have sufficient extraction powerfully remove liquid from carpets.

Reasons Spots Come Back After Carpet Cleaning by professionals

So if you are having problems with stains returning that can’t be easily cleaned, one sure-fire solution is to hire a quality professional cleaning company. Allklean is a fantastic cleaning company with the sterling reputation you should look for to deliver excellent results. With locations in both Washington and Idaho, including Port Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Green Acres, and Liberty Lake, Allklean is ready to serve.

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