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How Long Does the Average Carpet Last in the Home?

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How Long Does the Average Carpet Last in the Home?

The average carpet lasts about 5-8 years, but you can expect a lot of variance between each individual carpet! Many people wonder: “How Long Does the Average Carpet Last in the Home?”

The average carpet lasts about 5-8 years, but you can expect a lot of variance between each individual carpet!

The answer depends on 1) the quality of the carpet, 2) the way the carpet is used (such as how many people live in the home, if there are pets, young children etc.), and 3) how the carpet is maintained. As such, a range of a couple years up to decades can be expected.

Poor Quality Carpet, Used Frequently, and Poorly Maintained – 2-3 Years

So, for example, when carpet is poor-quality, exposed to lots of traffic from many people and/or pets, and is poorly maintained, then you can bet the carpet will be grimy and decay quickly. Such carpet may even need replacement in a matter of a few short years. Even so, quality professional service can extend even the lifespan of the worst carpet with a deep clean and carpet repair in many instances.

Adequate Carpet Quality, Frequent Use, and Adequate Maintenance – 5-10 Years

Much more common is the moderate use carpet with effort made to maintain. This looks like a household with children and pets, but where members make efforts to vacuum regularly and even do a deep clean annually. Such carpet is much more likely to last additional years with proper care, but it still will accumulate stubborn stains and take damage over time.

What Does Good Maintenance Entail?

Important factors for extending the lifespan is quality, professional deep cleaning each year or every six months, professional carpet stretching and repair as needed, and, of course, regular vacuuming with a quality machine and prompt stain maintenance. In addition, preventative measures like rugs and mats do wonders for extending carpet life.

High-Quality Carpet, Minimal Usage, and Excellent Maintenance – 20+ Years

When all three primary factors are leaning in the direction of helping the carpet last, then you can expect carpet to last a long time. However, most people have their carpet to use and enjoy, so it’s not realistic to avoid touching your valued commodity, is it? And even for those with kids out of the house and no pets, you want to be able to feel that carpet in your toes or have guests use the floor space as well! For grandparents as well, it is important to have grandchildren over too! Whatever your goals, quality, a clean carpet is there to be enjoyed, so a balance is best between carpet protection and maintenance and getting use out of it as well.

Longer-Lasting Carpet

If you get your carpet cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, then you will be able to rest assured knowing that you can keep it for a long time. A dirty carpet is not the only nuisance, but the dirt and grime can cause your carpet to deteriorate more quickly. The dirt and grime damage the carpet fibers, which will ruin the structure of the carpet.

Invest in Quality

The cost to completely replace old, worn-out carpet absolutely eclipses the relatively minuscule cost of a regular professional deep clean. If you are forced to bring your business to a halt in order to completely replace the carpeting, not only will you have to pay hand over fist for the new carpet itself and the installation, but you will have to pay for the significant disruption in business operations. Instead, pay for regular cleaning and repairs as needed from a professional carpet company and keep that carpet as long as possible.

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Understanding How Long Does the Average Carpet Last in the Home

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