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The 6 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The 6 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The 6 most common carpet cleaning mistakes

Carpet is one of the essential components of any home as well as in many businesses. Let’s look at the 6 most common carpet cleaning mistakes. While there are many benefits to having carpet, they’re also some drawbacks when it comes to keeping it clean and maintaining it properly to last a long time. In fact, most people spend a lot of time keeping their carpet clean and avoiding staining or damaging the carpet. For example, most people vacuum their homes about once a week and many folks are often scrubbing or cleaning the carpet in other ways as spills or accidents happen.

By investing this time and energy into keeping the carpet clean it usually means the carpet will last longer without needing to be replaced for additional years. However, even those who spend a lot of time and energy on keeping their carpet clean themselves may engage in several if not all of the following mistakes. When people are aware of the common mistakes they can fairly easily correct them to enjoy cleaner fresher looking and longer-lasting carpet. So read through our shortlist of common mistakes when it comes to carpet maintenance and do what you can to avoid them so you can enjoy great carpet in your home or commercial space. Let’s break down The 6 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes.

1. Over scrubbing

Many people believe that if you scrub hard enough and long enough you can clean any stain. For better or worse, this is simply not true. As a result of folks thinking this way they often make the mistake of scrubbing a stain to vigorously weather with a rag, or even worse, a scrub brush or wire brush. In fact, many people find that when they scrub away at that stain they end up making it worse and damaging the carpet fibers themselves. This is a really big mistake that many homeowners make.

By vigorously scrubbing the spot the stain is actually worked into the fibers of the carpet itself, thus making the stain more permanent rather than removing it. Instead, it is best to remove stains gently with blotting and absorption relying on a white towel and the correct cleaning solution. One part water one part vinegar can be effective for some types of carpet and other store-bought solutions may be effective, but at times the carpet solution used is not the right match and this can lead to further damage as well.

2. Failing to Use Rugs, Runners, or Floor Mats

As you are aware, different parts of the surface of your carpet get more wear and tear than other parts. It is the spots in the carpet where people walk play eat drink and live that is most likely to quickly become dirty and two more quickly decay in damage over time. These are the very areas where a floor carpet or rug can work wonders for protecting your home’s permanent carpet underneath. so don’t make the mistake of leaving these high traffic areas exposed.

Doing so will leave your carpet looking uneven with some parts looking rough and worn while others look like new. Indeed, commonly high traffic areas like the living room, walkways, hallways, and parts of the bedroom, for example, are excellent places to use area carpet and rugs. In conclusion, runners and area rugs work wonders for keeping your carpet fresh, clean, and well-maintained for years to come. Plus, using such tools can enhance the style and appearance of your home when you select rugs that are visually appealing and personally satisfying.

3. Using the Wrong Spot or Stain Remover

Another very common mistake at home or business owners with carpeting make is to assume that all spot removing products are equal. many folks simply grab whatever stain remover is available to them and start scrubbing away at a stain without a second thought. In addition, many people attempt to follow Internet advice with homemade solutions with varying degrees of success. The truth is, the situation is much more complex than we think.

Different carpets require different kinds of cleaning products and solutions. For example, many steam removers have high pH which often damages the carpet fibers when the residue is left on the spot. so, to avoid falling into the trap of using an inappropriate stain remover on your carpet, we recommend calling your carpet manufacturer directly to find out which solution or product works best for your specific carpet. Additionally, using a trusted, quality carpet cleaning company to deep clean the carpet is another reliable way to ensure your carpet is cleaned correctly.

4. Not Vacuuming Enough

While some people vacuum Thoroughly, consistently, and often, many homeowners simply don’t vacuum enough. No carpet should be left until the soil build-up becomes visible. This is too long to wait and the soil is then usually deep in the fiber and difficult to remove. Carpets should be vacuumed at least once per week. For those homes with pets or children, vacuuming every other day may be necessary.

Carpets aren’t only infested with visible dirt. There are millions of tiny particles that are comprised of oils, dust, and dirt that are invisible to the naked eye. These particulates scratch and damage the fibers over time causing wear patterns and dullness in appearance. Vacuuming regularly helps keep your carpet clean, strong, and lasting long!

5. Using Inappropriate Deodorizers on your Carpet

Many people use carpet deodorizer products because they think it will help them keep their carpet clean. However, these products vary in quality and they are often applied incorrectly. As a result, deodorizers such as those in powdered form tend to build up residue in the carpet fibers. When applying carpet deodorizers, users must use a powerful enough vacuum to remove excess product. In addition, spray and liquid deodorizers often leave a sticky residue that actually attracts more dirt and grime making the carpet dirty you’re more quickly.

Plus, many people assume that when the carpet smells good it is clean and properly maintained. This is not the case. Even if a product gives a great smell it is not necessarily making the carpet clean and keeping it that way. The best deodorizer for a carpet is the one that can be applied correctly, which is a quality product, and that is adequately cleaned with the excess removed by proper tools. In the end, it really is best to hire a quality carpet cleaning company that can apply a carpet deodorizer correctly. Such professionals use truck-mounted tools to vacuum with extreme force ensuring the carpet is adequately dry and that the excess product is removed after it is applied.

6. Not Hiring Professional Cleaners

The last mistake in the 6 most common carpet cleaning mistakes. So many folks refuse to hire a professional carpet cleaning service falsely believing that rented products and other strategies are comparable. It is simply not the case that do-it-yourself methods are on par with the service is a professional service offer. More importantly, the risks associated with attempting to clean and repair carpet on your own make it even less appealing to attempt. There are countless examples of people who tried to save a quick buck by doing the carpet cleaning on their own only to find they’ve made matters far worse.

What you want is a certified, highly rated professional carpet cleaning company that can deliver excellent services at fair prices. In the end, investing a little bit more in the short term will yield far more savings in the long run when it comes to your carpet. make sure that the company you choose is highly rated, certified, and has the proper high powered equipment needed to get the job done right. A good carpet cleaner will have truck-mounted equipment including a hot water extraction cleaning machine and high-quality cleaning and protection products.

Avoid quicker decays to your carpet, health and hygiene problems in your home or business, and dirty-looking carpet spaces. Instead, invest intelligently in an annual or biannual professional deep-carpet clean. Enjoy like-new carpet that is fresh and long-lasting by avoiding these common pitfalls for carpet care.

Now you know The 6 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

As you gear up for fall cleaning, these tips can help you save some serious cash along the way. To make sure your carpets, upholstery, and other home materials in the best possible condition, nothing beats a professional cleaning service you can trust.If you are a Washington or Idaho resident, we invite you to take advantage of the best professional carpet cleaning services available with Allklean.

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