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Six Tips to Keep Carpet Clean if you have Pets

Six Tips to Keep Carpet Clean if you have Pets

Six Tips to keep carpet clean if you have petsWhether you’ve just moved into a new place whose previous residents had pets, or you’re a pet owner yourself, keeping carpets clean when animals are involved is no easy task! Trying to clean up stubborn pet hair and stinky stains is the last thing you want to think about after a new move—and constantly keeping up with fur balls and shedding each day is exhausting. So to help you on the front lines of carpet cleanliness where pets are involved, we have compiled a list of useful tips and tricks.

How to Clean Pet Hair from Carpets

1. Frequent, quality vacuuming.

Vacuuming carpet regularly–once or twice weekly–is essential for maintaining clean, hygienic carpeting. Nothing has a greater impact on carpet than regular vacuuming.

Think of it like brushing your teeth, only a week is a day. If you skip brushing for a whole day, some stinky, rotty muck is building up in that mouth. Same with your carpet! Don’t wait longer than a week to vacuum that lovely home fur.

Plus, you should be going over your carpet 3-7 times when you vacuum! It may seem excessive, but multiple passes (and yes, from different angles) dislodges and removes dirt so your carpet can love your feet your eyes and your nose every day.

2. Innovative hair removal techniques.

Depending on the type of pile you have will change the type of tool you will need. Even though the vacuum can get a lot of pet hair it isn’t able to pull it from deep within the fibers. Rubber attracts hair to it like a magnet. If you have a shorter type of carpet pile then you’re going to want to use a squeegee with small strokes across the carpet collecting the hair that is deep within the fibers. If you have a longer type of carpet pile then you’ll want to purchase a rubber broom and do the same thing. After you have finished the room don’t forget to finish with a thorough vacuuming!

3. More frequent professional deep cleans.

Experts recommend that you have your carpet deep-cleaned once or twice a year. For pet owners with furry, shedding beasts roaming the halls, you should consider deep-cleaning at least twice a year if not more!

There are several reasons you should have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Here, we will fill you in on both why to get a professional clean and how to choose the best company to deliver the results you are looking for:

• Get Rid of Dangerous Particles
• Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality
• Enjoy Longer-Lasting Carpet
• Many Improved Aesthetics
• Enjoy the fresh scent of hygienic, truly clean carpet
• And more!

4. Quick cleaning of accidents and stains.

The trick here is to respond to spills and stains right away! Too often folks have some sort of accident, maybe it’s spilled wine, orange juice, milk, or something more nefarious like oil or grease–or, even more common, pets go number one and/or two on the floor–and when this happens, you may be tempted to turn away in denial because it’s too frustrating to handle.

Don’t! Spills are most easily dealt with right away. The longer you wait to address the problem the worse the stain will be. Accidents in the home can happen at any time so make sure to clean their mess right away. Don’t wait until it is dry because urine and all the other materials can ultimately damage your carpet leaving an unseemly stain or, perhaps worse, a foul odor! Usually, your best first line of defense is to soak up spills with paper towel dabs and using soap and water to clean.

5. Avoid common pitfalls in DIY stain cleaning.

Be wary of store-bought carpet cleaners as these often lead to further carpet damage and discoloration. If the stain cannot be safely cleaned on your own consider calling a pro rather than ignoring the stain or further damaging the carpet with DIY attempts if it’s looking futile.

6. Be aware of the risks and limitations of carpet cleaning machines.
Maintaining fresh, beautiful, and hygienic carpeting with pets requires both time and investment. While it may bum you out to spend a little more on professional carpet, upholstery, and flooring cleaning in the short term—such an investment will pay dividends in keeping your home in pristine condition despite the wear and tear associated with pets. Enjoy longer-lasting carpets, furniture, and flooring when you put these tips and tricks into practice.

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