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How to Remove Wax From Carpet

How to Remove Wax From Carpet

How to remove Wax from carpetFew things or is troublesome when spilled on the carpet as wax. Whether you left the candle too close to the edge of the table or you found some other way to spill wax onto your carpet, here, we will break down How to Remove Wax From Carpet using many of the tools you likely already gave at your disposal.

Step 1: Scrape Off Wax

The first step to getting that waxy mess taken care of is by scraping away what you can with a butter knife. Remember, don’t overdo the scraping or cause damage to carpet fibers. Rather, scrape gently to scape the wax loose.

Step 2: Vacuum the Loose Wax

Next, simply run the vacuum over the wax pieces you managed to loosen. There will likely be remaining wax in the carpet fibers. Which brings us to the next step!

Step 3: the Iron and Cloth Technique

Now comes the real nifty clean-up trick. So here’s what you do. Take a white cotton towel and dampen it. Then, fold it in half and put it over the waxy spot on the carpet. Next, take your iron and set it on high over the towel for about 10 seconds. Here is where the magic happens. As you hold the iron over the damp towel which is over the remaining wax residue on the carpet fibers, the wax will melt and be drawn into the damp towel.

You may have to experiment a little bit to see what’s most effective. For example, you may need to hold the iron on the towel for as long as 30 seconds. As you feel out what is effective, continue to repeat this process until all the wax is removed. if your towel dries out or if it becomes too dirty and waxy, just switch out the towel or dampen it again and keep going.

Step 4: Carpet Cleaner to Remove Remains

The last step in How to Remove Wax From Carpet. Now, when it comes to using carpet cleaner, it is important that you get the proper cleaner that matches with your specific type of carpet. It is recommended that you call the manufacture of your specific carpet to ensure that you use the proper cleaner. Once you have the right cleaner for your carpet here’s what you’re going to do.

Start by spraying the carpet cleaner onto the stain and gently scrubbing it into the carpet with a spoon. Then, dab the area drive with a new clean dry white towel. Now, let the carpet air dry. Keep in mind, the carpet will likely appear slightly darker than the other areas until it is entirely dry. if you have lightly colored carpets, you may have to repeat the process a few times to completely remove the stain.

When the DIY Leaves you High and Dry

These steps for removing wax spills from the carpet should work well for you. However, nothing beats an expert at their own craft. So if your wax spill is more stubborn than you thought, the best solution is calling a trusted professional carpet cleaning company for help. For wax stains or any other stains, a professional carpet deep-clean can restore your carpet to like-new condition so it looks great and lasts a long time without needing replacement.

Now you know How to Remove Wax From Carpet

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