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How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again

How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again

How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy AgainShaggy rugs are amazing. We love them for their fluffy, soft, comforting look and feel. Unfortunately, shaggy rugs tend to get dirty and lose their fluff over time. So if your shaggy rug isn’t so clean soft and fluffy these days then you’ll want to restore that beloved rug pronto. Bring life, fluff, and comfort back to your favorite shaggy rug by following some pro tips below.

Vacuum First

Of course, a major step in all of this is going to be a thorough and effective vacuuming. When vacuuming it’s important to make sure that your vacuum is operating at optimal capacity. That means you’re emptying the bag and replacing filters frequently. Plus, you may need to upgrade a vacuum if it’s not getting the job done. Once you have a fully functioning and powerful vacuum you want to thoroughly vacuum the area going over each space as much as seven or eight times. Don’t forget to use extenders to get the corners and hard to reach places.

Spot Clean

A great way to target spots is with a solution of white vinegar and hot water. This is a solid option because you won’t damage your carpet trying to clean it this way. In addition, you may also consider using carpet cleaning products. However, it’s very important you only use products that match with the shaggy rug and is in line with the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

How to Fluff Matted Down Shaggy Rug Parts

A helpful strategy for restoring fluff to your shaggy rug is to place an ice cube on to those areas that have been pressed down by furniture or for other reasons. To do this place the ice cube onto those dented areas and let it melt completely over time. Next, blot the wet area gently with a clean towel or paper towel until all of the liquid has been absorbed. The keyword here is gently! You want to avoid pushing the towel into the carpet because this will simply make the indentation worse. Instead, just gently block the area to remove the moisture. Then, you can run a spoon against the carpet in the intended direction to make that shaggy rug fluff right back up like new.

How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again with Ironing

You can use this strategy if the ice cube trick proves ineffective. First, you will want to take a clean towel wet it ring out the excess less liquid and then lay that towel over the dented carpet area. Then, heat up a clothes iron on the setting of cotton and gently iron the towel for approximately 60 seconds. You want to focus on the area above the dent. Leave the towel in place until it dries then remove the towel and fluff up the area one more time, but this time with your hand. This process will help your carpet “fluff” right back to life.

Odor Removal Strategy

It’s a good trick to have up your sleeve to use baking soda to cut down on odors and add extra cleaning to your shaggy rug. To do this try sprinkling light amounts of baking soda over dry carpet overnight. Then, the next day you can vacuum up all of the baking soda. This method works because the baking soda can absorb the bacteria responsible for the odors.

Professional Cleaning

You can also avoid all the hassle by hiring a professional cleaning service to restore your shaggy rug and more while you’re at it. Allklean has locations in both Washington and Idaho, including Port Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Green Acres, and Liberty Lake. We are happy to deliver stunning results for all kinds of cleaning and restoration needs including carpets, rugs, flooring, upholstery, and more.

Now that you know, How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again

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