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How Much Does Tile Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Tile Cleaning Cost?

If you have stone tile in your home, then it’s only natural that you want to be proud of it. If it is well cared for, then stone tile can create a remarkable effect. However, tile and grout do require routine maintenance and occasional deep cleaning. If you neglect your stone tile, then it will not be as visually appealing as it could be. Worse, it can accumulate grime and become a haven for germs. Thus, you should invest in professional cleaning from time to time. How much does tile cleaning cost? If you’re wondering what you can expect to pay to have your stone tile and grout cleaned by a pro, keep reading.

The cost of cleaning each room is usually calculated based on the size, in square footage, of the floor surface.

What does the tile cleaning process involve?

Every step of the tile cleaning process is important in order to ensure quality results. A professional cleaner will begin by doing a thorough inspection of the area to be cleaned. This will ensure that there are no underlying problems that could be worsened by a cleaning, and that no repairs or replacement of tile are required. Then, the area will be swept in order to remove any existing dirt. Next, the cleaner will use a special solution to spray the tile and grout, removing built-up grime, dirt, and oil. After that, your tile will be pressure-washed and dried. If desired, the tile can be sealed and finished after the cleaning process is complete.

What are the cleaning costs for tile and grout?

So, how much does tile cleaning cost? As a general rule, the cost of cleaning tile and grout is determined largely by size. The cost of cleaning each room is usually calculated based on the size, in square footage, of the floor surface. You will be informed of the total cost of your cleaning at the time of the initial inspection. If you would like your tile to be sealed and finished, that will be factored into the final cost.

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