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Month: February 2020

How Clean Carpet Saves Your Business Money

As a business owner, you know how important it is that your business is clean and well-maintained both for the sake of appearance and for the health and well-being of your employees and customers alike. In all likelihood, this is why you higher professional cleaners to keep your space spick and span....

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Should I Hire a Cleaning Service for my Tile and Grout?

Anyone with tile in their home knows, keeping that lovey flooring pristine, shining, and beautiful takes some work. Plus, if you’ve had tiling for any extended period of time, you’ll have noticed several things. Dirt Happens First, the grout in between tiles has a tendency to darken as dirt, dust,...

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Five Reasons to get your Carpet Stretched and Repaired

Many folks are not aware of the amazing benefits of carpet stretching. However, it is very important that people learn the many benefits of carpet stretching and carpet repair. So here we will be discussing why you should get your carpet repaired, stretched, or re-stretched. 1. Smart Investment By...

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