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We are Liberty Lake, WA’s most referred cleaning company, and our company culture is pretty simple: if we use the best products, the best equipment, and hire the best technicians, then we’ll get the best results.

Our Liberty Lake Carpet Cleaning Service

You can vacuum your carpet every day to get rid of dry dirt, but that doesn’t do much when it comes to oily substances left by cooking, pets, or kids. To be able to clean your carpet effectively, you need the help of professionals.

It is advisable to have your carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This will not only leave your carpet looking good, but it will also help retain fiber and keep your carpet under warranty. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the harder it will be to remove soils. This can make your carpets look dull and faded. Annual carpet cleaning will let you have fresh carpets. However, if your carpets get higher traffic from kids or pets, you might have to clean them more often.

What Can You Expect From Your Liberty Lake Carpet Cleaning Technician?

Walkthrough: We are going to look at all the parts that you want us to clean for you, and we’ll also think of the best method of treatment for your carpet. It’s during the walkthrough that we can answer all your questions and address all your concerns. While the quote that we give by phone is already often accurate, we can always adjust as necessary and give you the final quote before we start working.

Safety & Care: No need to worry about your walls, hard surfaces, and hand railings, we’ll make sure that they are protected. To protect your house from scuffs and dings, we will use drop cloths and special corner guards. That’s the AllKlean advantage.

Pre-Vacuum: Often, our clients choose to vacuum before their appointment. This helps eliminate dry soils. Our technicians will check the carpet and vacuum if necessary so that the best result possible can be ensured.

Pre-Conditioning & Spotting: The cleanser that we will use on your whole carpet is safe and non-toxic, and yet it effectively breaks down any oils soils that have built up. We’ll also remove spots and stains with our specialty spotting products. Some stains and spots may be permanent. However, we’re often successful with removing most spots.

Cleaning & Rinsing: Our advanced van-mounted carpet cleaning machine will rinse your carpet and eliminate soil, leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Fast-Drying: No need to wait long for your activities to resume because, with our system, your carpet can dry quickly. Multiple dry passes are run to get rid of excess moisture and carpet drying fans are utilized to hasten the process.

Scotchgard™ & Groom: We apply Scotchgard™ to your carpet after cleaning it. This application leaves a sort of invisible shield on your carpet, which will make vacuuming easier for you after that.

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upholstery cleaningUpholstery Cleaning

Upholstery needs to be cleaned, too, in order for furniture to look good and last a long time. Upholstery is made up of various types of fiber, and our technicians can identify these types as well as the best method of cleaning your upholstered furniture. We clean both fine fabrics (silk, cotton, rayon) and synthetic microfibers. Ideally, your upholstery should be cleaned every 1-2 years. However, you have to clean heavily used furniture more often.

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