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Is carpet mold dangerous?

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Is carpet mold dangerous?

Is carpet mold dangerous.Mold is a fungus that can affect various areas around your home. That includes carpeting, whether you believe it or not.

While not fatal, carpet mold can trigger several adverse reactions in the body. People with pre-existing conditions and allergies are at an even greater risk for developing issues after exposure to carpet mold.

However, even if you have no pre-existing conditions, carpet mold can still have an adverse impact on your health. So, it’s essential to know how to deal with carpet mold when it arises in your home.

At Allklean, we employ a team of thoroughly trained cleaning technicians who have years of experience. If you’re dealing with carpet mold in your home, our team can help you find an effective solution.

Is carpet mold dangerous? Continue reading to find out more about the dangers of carpet mold and how we can help you get rid of it.

How dangerous is carpet mold?

While it’s rare, carpet mold does carry potentially fatal attributes.

Mycotoxins are a possible result of carpet mold.

Exposure to carpet mold can cause allergic reactions.

But, the reaction occurs at different times for each person. Some experience an immediate response. For others, it’s a little more delayed.

People with asthma should be extra cautious of carpet mold. Because it can trigger nasty asthma attacks. When exposed, carpet mold also irritates the skin, eyes, lungs, throat, and nose.

Check out this case study to learn more about the possible side effects of exposure to carpet mold.

Mycotoxins are very harmful to the health of humans. They can weaken your immune system and, in rare instances, fatal side effects.

Here is a study you can read to learn more about the side effects of exposure to mycotoxins.

So, it’s essential to know how to identify carpet mold.

Discoloration is one of the most common signs of carpet mold. If you notice, your allergies are beginning to flare up. That could be a sign of carpet mold also.

Mold needs moisture to grow.

So, anytime your carpeting is retaining excess water, there’s a possibility mold is lurking nearby. Age also plays an essential factor.

This means older carpets are at a greater risk of developing mold than newer carpeting. Here is an article you can look at to find out more about the signs of carpet mold.

Dealing with carpet mold correctly

Mold can be removed from carpeting; however, optimal conditions must be present. If you want to remove carpet mold yourself, you can use a combination of vinegar and baking soda.

But, this solution may not work for severe cases of carpet mold. So, in these instances, you’ll need to contact the professionals. At Allklean, we have years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry.

We equip all of our technicians with cutting-edge tools and equipment.

Our team uses a more professional approach to carpet mold removal.

Employing the use of specially formulated agents and advanced cleaning tools. We can remove mold from a carpet in no time with lasting results.

People Also Ask

Q: Can carpet mold make you sick?
A: yes, carpet mold can make you sick, especially if you have pre-existing conditions like asthma or allergies.

Q: How can you tell if a carpet has mold?
A: there are several signs that your carpet has mold. Commonly, you’ll notice things like must smells and discoloration.

Q: Can you get mold out of carpet?
A: yes, but it depends on the carpet’s age and how severe the mold growth is. Baking soda is a great way to remove mold from carpet yourself.

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