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Four New Year’s Resolutions for Your Carpet

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Four New Year’s Resolutions for Your Carpet
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Happy New Year! 2020 is here and it’s a brand new decade. So while many of us are kicking off 2020 with New Year’s resolutions such as staying healthy, saving more money, or exercising regularly, what better time could there be than to invest in a deep carpet cleaning? Start the new year off right with the best carpet cleaning service in Washington and Idaho.

Allklean is your one-stop-shop for professional home and commercial deep cleaning services. So whether its carpet cleaning and maintenance, upholstery upkeep, stone, tile, and grout cleaning, or a host of other services, Allklean has you covered.

While we’re on the topic of New Year’s resolutions, here is our humble list of carpet cleanliness tips to keep your home’s fuzzy fun floor adornment going strong and staying fresh. Read through our suggestions and maybe you’d like to adopt some of these in your home for the new roaring twenty twenties.

1. Vacuum All Carpeting at Least Once a Week

The vacuum is a tremendous invention that has forever revolutionized home living. Don’t let it get dusty in the closet. Vacuuming carpet regularly–once or twice weekly–is essential for maintaining clean, hygienic carpeting. Nothing has a greater impact on carpet than regular vacuuming.

Think of it like brushing your teeth, only a week is a day. If you skip brushing for a whole day, some stinky, rotty muck is building up in that mouth. Same with your carpet! Don’t wait longer than a week to vacuum that lovely home fur.

Plus, you should be going over your carpet 3-7 times when you vacuum! It may seem excessive, but multiple passes (and yes, from different angles) dislodges and removes dirt so your carpet can love your feet your eyes and your nose every day.

2. Park Those Shoes at the Door, Mister

So this is a very personal choice that can sometimes have a polarizing effect. After all, no one wants to be seen as some kind of clean freak. But all the carpet cleaning pros know, shoes in the house comes at a cost. Shoes track more dirt, grime and bacteria than anything else, and they stamp it all into that precious carpet throughout the house.

And the worst part: wherever you walk most in your bare feet (or lay for some of us), is likely where your grimy shoe soles interlace with carpet fibers most. So, if you’ve already been using your shoes around the house, stop! There are plenty of reasons as to why we believe you should avoid using shoes around the house and one of them is bacteria. Plus, your carpet will look and BE dirty! Show some love to your carpet and start leaving shoes at the door.

3. Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning Annually

Nothing beats a good deep cleaning session for your carpet. Remember the brushing analogy? Think of professional carpet cleaning like seeing the dentist. You really ought to get a deep carpet cleaning at least once a year (if not twice). Avoiding professional carpet cleaning hurts you in the short and long term. In the short term, your carpet will fail to look, be, (and smell) clean and fresh. In the long term, your carpet will decay, become damaged, and need to be replaced.

Don’t neglect your lovely, furry foot huggers. Get a pro carpet cleaning from a reputable local company annually and keep your carpet fresher and keep your carpet longer. You save beaucoup bucks in the long run. This service is an investment in the value of your home. Your carpet will look better, remain undamaged longer, and stay fresh, clean, and hygienic. A professional clean will even improve the air quality of your home.

Don’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We are not suggesting you forcibly move your slumbering puppies, rather, this tip is about clean-up. Our final tip for 2020 is to respond to spills and stains right away! Too often folks have some sort of accident, maybe it’s spilled wine, orange juice, milk, or something more nefarious like oil or grease–or, even more common, pets go number one and/or two on the floor–and when this happens, you may be tempted to turn away in denial.

Don’t! Spills are most easily dealt with right away. The longer you wait to address the problem the worse the stain will be. Accidents in the home can happen at any time so make sure to clean their mess right away. Don’t wait until it is dry because urine and all the other materials can ultimately damage your carpet leaving an unseemly stain or, perhaps worse, a foul odor! Usually, your best first line of defense is to soak up spills with paper towel dabs and using soap and water to clean.

Be wary of store-bought carpet cleaners as these often lead to further carpet damage and discoloration. If the stain cannot be safely cleaned on your own consider calling a pro rather than ignoring the stain or further damaging the carpet with DIY attempts if it’s looking futile.

Go with the Best for Pro Carpet Cleaning

Keep your carpet looking amazing in this brand new decade. Follow our tips and contact Allklean today to schedule your carpet clean. With locations in both Washington and Idaho, including Port Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Green Acres, and Liberty Lake, Allklean is available to serve you with distinction.

We’re professionals with exceptional equipment, unrivaled industry experience, and stellar customer satisfaction. We are fairly priced, offer the highest quality results, and are always friendly and professional.

Allklean makes every interaction smooth, easy, and of the highest quality. All our prices are laid out online and we offer free, no-commitment estimates for the specific needs of each job before we get to work. Plus, we boast an unrivaled perfect 5-star rating with nearly 400 Google reviews to date!

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