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With years of experience in using world-class carpet care and cleaning methods, AllKlean is well positioned to service households, hotels, and anyone else in need of the best carpet cleaning service in town. We are the leading cleaning service in the great state of Washington, and our iconic white and blue-trimmed vans are a welcome sight to neighborhoods in Otis Orchards. We understand that our reputation as the most referred carpet cleaning provider in the state is based on a few solid principles that have become part of our company culture. We use only top-of-the-line products, the best available equipment, and the finest technicians to provide customers with the best possible results.

Why you should rely on AllKlean carpet cleaning?

Some households choose to deep clean their own carpets with the use of rental equipment. While it may get the job done, the results vary greatly from those achieved by professionals. This is because our company has some of the best if not the best-trained technicians in the state and they know full well how to deep clean carpets through a methodical and proven approach. After a thorough evaluation of your carpet, they will know exactly how much pressure should be exerted in the cleaning process and the specific types of products that are ideal for your carpet. That way the only thing you’re left with is a clean, spotless carpet that looks and feels brand new.

A complete carpet cleaning finish with AllKlean

Rental machines also lack the cleaning power that AllKlean provides. There are no pre-treat spots or clean water rinsing afterward which are crucial parts of our cleaning process. With unreliable rental machines, households are left with damp carpets littered with detergent residue. With an AllKlean carpet cleaning service, dirt and detergents are thoroughly washed away from your carpets with the use of high-powered, truck-mounted equipment. You will notice that your carpet is free from any form of dirt, even from deep within.

State-of-the-art carpet cleaning by AllKlean helps to:

1. Remove all forms of unwanted material in your carpet whether they are dust mites, tiny food bits, and soil that has built up deep within the layers.

2. Keep your carpet free from harmful germs, bacteria, and mold

3. Make your carpet stain-free and spotless

4. Maintain a fresh looking carpet without the effects of wear and tear

5. Bring back the original appearance and feel of your carpet

6. Add more years of use to your carpet

7. Prevent spots and stains from building up in the future

Carpet cleaning service with AllKlean

To keep your carpet looking fresh and spotless, regular cleaning is not necessary. We encourage a professional cleaning treatment every 12-18 months even if you vacuum regularly. While vacuuming helps eliminate dirt and unwanted particles in your carpet, it does not help extend its life, improve its overall quality, and eliminate allergens and harmful pathogens. What’s more, our carpet cleaning service will ensure that your carpet becomes protected from any and all dirt and stain build up after use.

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upholstery cleaningUpholstery Cleaning

If you want your upholstery to look good and to last a long time, we recommend that you have them cleaned too. Our technicians are able to identify the different types of fiber that comprise upholstery, and can also determine the best method of treatment for your furniture. We clean synthetic microfibers and fine fabrics, such as cotton, rayon, and silk. It is best for upholstery to be cleaned every 1-2 years, although heavily used furniture might have to be cleaned more often.

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