Stone Tile & Grout Cleaning Coeur d’Alene ID

Your tiles and grout require care and attention to look their best. Tiles will eventually lose their surface quality and can quickly become ugly and slippery. Grout, on the other hand, is prone to dirt and limescale build-up because of its porous nature. Without cleaning, this will turn them into filthy, unappealing fillings on your kitchen or bathroom floor.

Without the proper cleaning knowledge, tools, and techniques, keeping your stone tiles and grout squeaky clean can be a daunting task. It’s hard to do it yourself. Using a toothbrush and hot, soapy water will just give you sore knees and backache rather than a spotless floor. With our contained steam cleaning process, however, it’s an entirely different story. Our incredible cleaning system offers an exceptional clean without the unnecessary mess! Simply put, we offer genuine tile and grout cleaning in Coeur d’Alene like no one else.

Here is what our cleaning process looks like:

We inspect: Before we start the actual cleaning process, we take a close look at the area to ensure that the tiles and grout are still in good condition. We always make sure that our technicians and you are completely knowledgeable of any pre-existing damage.

We sweep: The surface of your tiles may require some thorough sweeping first to remove dirt and dust before we start work.

We spray: Sweeping may not be enough to remove tough dirt and stains, but they won’t stand a chance against our pre-spray cleaning process. We use a special tile cleaning solution that disintegrates even the most stubborn dirt and oil buildup on any tile and grouted surface.

We rinse: To ensure your tiles and grout are free from dirt, stain, and oil we use an advanced tile cleaning tool and hot water to wash the floor with 900-1200 PSI of pressure, depending on the surface area. What’s more, our self-contained tile cleaning tool will also remove dirty water in an instant leaving no mess whatsoever – only a spotless and germ-free floor!

We dry: You might have a party or a special event coming at your home or maybe you just can’t wait to feel that incredible sensation of a clean and sanitized floor on your feet. Whatever it maybe, we can use special fans to dry the floor without much delay so that it can be used immediately after cleaning.

We seal: If you prefer, we can also seal grout lines and the tiles themselves to ensure a superb finish, depending on the type you use on your floor. We use a special sealant that enters deep into the grout lines and melds into a tough protective coating that prevents liquids, dirt, and grease from penetrating. It will ensure that your tiles look as clean and spotless as ever between professional cleanings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can’t I do it myself? Why should I spend my money on your services?
A: Because it is hard to do it yourself to a good standard. We clean tiles, stone and grout for a living. We have the skills and experience to ensure that your tiles and grout will look and feel as good as ever. Using sealers is also a tricky business. Store-bought sealers can leave sticky remnants on your tile’s surface, too.

Q: Do you provide counter top cleaning services?

A: The answer is a definite ‘Yes!’. We use a hand-held cleaning device that can leave your counter top clean and sparkling. It promises the same satisfactory results as the floor version of our cleaning tool. You are guaranteed to enjoy the same clean, shiny and mess-free results. We also provide backsplash cleaning services as well.

Q: Is applying wax to my tiles and grout ideal?

A: We seriously recommend that you AVOID doing this. The reason lies in the wax’s inherent ability to break down and disintegrate naturally over time. And while it undergoes natural breakdown, it can crack into thin layers that can affect the appearance of your tiles. It also mixes with the oil and soils that develop on the surface and linings of your floor over time making them thicker and a lot harder to remove. Lastly, taking away unwanted wax from your floor can be a costly ordeal and will generally demand a lot of time and effort depending on the size of the area.

Q: Will my tile and grout require additional cleaning after it is sealed?
A: Not right away! But don’t worry we will share with you effective tips and helpful advice on how you can maintain a pleasant and appealing floor between professional cleanings. What’s more, we will advise you on how many times exactly you will need your tiles and grout professionally cleaned.

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