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What To Expect From Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

You do a great job of keeping your carpets clean and looking great. But some dirt can’t be vacuumed away. And only a professional clean will get your carpets looking good as new. When you choose Allklean to deliver that professional clean, you are choosing the leading carpet cleaners in CDA ID  .

Our cleaning process is specially tailored to provide carpets with an exclusively longer-lasting and healthier clean without relying on toxic chemicals or detergents. With our natural cleaning solution, dirt is dislodged from deep within your carpet to the surface where it can be whisked away with ease. This paves the way to a much deeper clean and can increase carpet life and overall quality.

What Can You Expect From Your Carpet Cleaning Technician?

Professional Evaluation Centred Around Your Needs

It all starts with an evaluation. Our professional carpet cleaning technician will check your carpet to identify the best possible solution. This is your chance to ask questions if any come to mind. Our technician will be more than eager to address them. We don’t charge hidden and extra fees to our customers and will let you know firsthand what the final price will be after evaluation.

What’s more, we put the integrity of our client’s properties at the heart of our services. Rest assured that we take the necessary precautions to ensure that your walls and floors will be free from any form of damage and even the slightest blemish whatsoever. We use the necessary protective tools in our cleaning process to safeguard your home while were making it spotless, clean, and fresh.

Pre-Cleaning Ensures a Dirt-free, Spotless Carpet

Before we rinse your rug from dirt, soil, and anything else that might be stuck in there, we carry out a thorough pre-vacuum service which is vital for removing dry soil. Once carpets have been vacuumed thoroughly, we will then incorporate an environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning solution to the entire carpet to soften up tough dirt and oily soils that have built up over time. We also make sure that your carpet is spotless by treating any dried in stains with our specialty spotting products.

Cleanse, Rinse, and a Quick Dry

We utilize a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine to extract dirt, leaving only a soft, fresh, and clean carpet. We also appreciate that you may want to use your freshly cleaned carpet immediately. That is why we use a fast-drying process in the final steps of our cleaning service. We use several drying processes that eliminate any moisture lingering in your carpet. And just to make sure, we use carpet-drying fans to ensure optimum results.

Extra Options are Also Available

Aside from the services above, we also provide more great service options for our customers to enjoy. We offer Scotchgard™ application for an exclusively cleaner and softer finish long after your carpet is cleaned. Scotchgard™ gives your carpet an “invisible shield” that will make it easy for you to eliminate soil built up over time through your vacuuming. It also penetrates deep in your carpet’s fiber coating improving its overall resistance to stains.

We also offer upholstery cleaning to ensure your furniture lasts as long as possible. The process works in the same way as our carpet cleaning service. Your technician will provide complete an initial evaluation to identify the best cleaning method. If you’re happy with the price, we’ll perform a thorough clean that will get your furniture looking brand new. Ideally, you should have your furniture cleaned this way every couple of years.

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upholstery cleaningUpholstery Cleaning

A thorough cleaning of your upholstery will ensure your furniture lasts longer so you can continue to enjoy them. Upholstery is made of various fiber types, your technician will be able to identify what fiber type and cleaning method that is safe for that piece, and provide an accurate price for cleaning during the walk-through process. We can clean everything from synthetic microfibers to fine fabrics such as cotton, rayon, and silk. We recommend having your upholstery cleaned every 1-2 years, however depending on use you may wish to have your upholstery cleaned more often.

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